Bodyweight Strength Seminar — 2013 Training Camp

Bodyweight Strength Camp 2013


*A one day super-intensive calisthenics strength training seminar—run by Pat Flynn, Somnath Sikdar, Christine Mooney, and Lisa Parsons–hosted at The Dragon Gym on Sunday, August 4th from 8am-5pm.Discover how to blast body fat, boost strength, build muscle, toughen joints, and become a master of your own physical domain through our proven, NO BS system of bodyweight strength training. 

The only equipment required: a set of gymnastics rings (which we provide, of course), and the very verdure of Gods green footstool.

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Here’s What You Will Learn at 
The Bodyweight Strength Camp

  • The Muscle Up
    The muscle up should be performed slowly and under control. In other words, gracefully. No kipping. No nonsense.The muscle up is hands down one of the best upper body strength builders in existence. Few movements can compare to the muscle up–as it yields tremendous strength carryover to all activities, teaches you how to be strong from multiple angles, and bulletproofs your joints (particularly the elbows and shoulders).Discover proven progressions towards a full grinding muscle up–from developing stability on the rings, to mastering the false grip, to working the transition, and finally, putting it all together.

  • The One Arm Push Up

    The ultimate no-equipment upper body strength. The one arm push up is the “Naked Warriors” weapon of choice for enhancing total body tension and grinding strength.A strict one arm push up requires that the performer’s shoulders descend and ascend simultaneously (minimum rotation) and that the elbow is tucked in closely to the side, This is no easy feat.But when done like this, the one arm push up teaches you how to be both strong and stable–a critical skill for all humans.Throughout the day we will take you through our series of deadly effective one arm push up progressions–starting from the very beginning (aka, setting up the “real perfect push up”), and taking you through to more advanced variations such as the one arm, one leg push up.

  • The Pistol Squat

    The ultimate no-equipment lower body strength builder–also the perfect complement to the one arm push up.The pistol squat promotes single leg strength, symmetry, and balance. As well, it strengthens the knees and loosens the hips.It teaches you how to be both strong and mobile–yet another critical skill for all humans!The pistol squat builds offensive lower body strength, and, when appropriate, makes for a fun little party trick.Throughout the seminar we will teach you all of the progressions towards a full “ass to the grass” pistol squat–that’s everything you need to do to develop both the strength and mobility for pistol squats.


  • The Hanging Leg Raise and Windshield WiperThe best ab exercises in existence, hands down, bar none.Nothing hits the midsection harder than hanging leg raises and windshield wipers. If you are serious about forging an iron core, then you need to be doing these two movements.Let us teach you how.

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  • The – = + Strength ProgramThe – = + (Less is More) strength program is the fitness minimalism philosophy at the heart of the Birth of a Hero Volume 3.In short, with the Less is More Progam, you are going to learn how to get maximum results in minimum time, by focusing on the “Vital Few” efforts that produce the greatest results.What we’re going to do is lay EVERYTHING out for you, as plainly as we can, everything from your monthly, weekly, and even daily strength training regimens.Come the end of this seminar, You WILL leave with everything you need to know in order to maximize your physical abilities through bodyweight strength training.
  • Other auxiliary lifts that will be covered Include:

    The Plank (and variations)
    Hollow Positioning
    The Push Up
    Scapular Retractions
    The Chin Up
    The Pull Up
    The L-Sit
    The Bodyweight Squat
    The Lunge and Airborne Lunge
    The Single Leg Deadlift
    And More…

An Unprecedented Opportunity–Limited to 20 Participants–Register Now and Save $200

To provide as much possible individual attention to the attendees as possible, we are capping this event at 20 participants.These spots will go very quickly, so if you are serious about coming down, learning these movements, and jumping “into the trenches”, so to speak, then I urge you to register ASAP.

The cost of this event if you register before July 28th is $199.

The cost of this event if you register after July 27th is $399.

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If you have any questions about this event, or would like to request a logistic sheet for travel purposes, please email us at with the subject line of “bodyweight”
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