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“Join Us . . .And We Will Personally Guide You To Launching A Highly Profitable Fitness Business, Help You To Create an Online Celebrity Platform, and Teach You Everything You Need to Know On How to Get Noticed In a Noisy Industry

  • From: Pat Flynn and Som Sikdar

No Other Fitness Certification Has as Much Potential to Explode Your Clientele Base, Skyrocket Your Profits, and Dramatically Change Your Life For the Better As This One…

….If You Already Own, Or Are Seriously Considering Opening a Fitness Business.

We want to help you get the word out about what you do, to help you make a positive difference in your community–in the world–and to help you grow your business and profit with integrity, doing what you love.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, and if you would like to come down to our place for three days, to train with us, to learn from us, and to essentially “steal” all of our proven strategies for starting and growing a six-figure fitness business (and beyond), so you can get things up, running, and profitable very quickly and from scratch, then this certification is for you.

There are two reasons we put together our Killing It With Kettlebells certifcation, two gaps we intended to fill.

The first gap is the severe lack of any worthwhile marketing and business advice in the vast majority of fitness certifications. Either a certification ignores the obvious necessity of teaching you how to get clients altogether, or they offer the usual series of banal pedantries which are never helpful.

The second gap is the lack of a high-quality coaching certification for kettlebell instructors. There are plenty that teach you how to use a kettlebell, lord knows, but none–except ours–that teach you how to coach kettlebells in a large group format, which allows you to better leverage your time as a business owner.

With that said, our goal, when you spend three days with us, is simple and to the point.

We aim to make you not only the best possible kettlebell coach that you can be, by teaching you our system for running large group kettlebell bootcamps safely and efficiently, so you can better leverage your hours to dollars ratio, and maximize your income, but also to make you versed in the ways of effective direct response marketing, so you can consistently generate new leads, new customers, and new revenue, each week, each month, and each year, as surely as the sun rises and sets.


Here’s Exactly What You Will Learn
At Our Killing It With kettlebells Certification

There is so much to cover in three days, so much we have to teach you, but here is a quick summary of the major milestones:
  • How to Get Your First 10 Paying Clients (and Then your First 20, 30, and Beyond) Quickly and Without Ever Having to Be “Salesy”
  • How to Position Yourself as a Celebrity in Your Niche, So People Will Be Attracted to You Magnetically, Clear Hurdles to Work With You, And Be Happy to Pay Whatever Your Rates May Be.
  • How to Write Sales Copy that Doesn’t Suck or Sound “Salesy” (That Will You To Bring In The RIGHT People, and Build Massive Goodwill In Your Marketplace)
  • Facebook Ninja Shit: How to Get Your First 10,000 (LEGITIMATE) Fans (And Then How to Turn Those Fans Into Clients/Customers)
  • What to Sell (and How to Price It). Learn what price points attract the best, hardest working clients, and what price points attract all the kinds of people you DON’T want to work with.
  • How to Run Large Group Kettlebell Class of 30 People or More, and How to Keep Everyone Appropriately Challenged, But Safe, Even If You Are Working With Total Beginners and Advanced Clients in the Same Class.
  • How to Program Your Fitness Classes So Your Clients 1) Walk Away with a Reason to Talk About You, 2) Get Consistently Awesome Results (Which Will Also Get Them to Talk About You), and 3) Make Friends, Encourage Each Other, and Become a Part of Your Gym Community (Which Means They’ll Stick Around).
  • 1 Trick to Get Cooler Customers (Cooler meaning they buy more, and complain less)
  • The Best (and Safest) Strategies When Starting Out. How To Find a Space, Acquire a Clientele Base Fast, and Be Profitable Your First Month
  • How to Teach All The Fundamental Kettlebell Exercises (The Swing, Press, Squat, Turkish Get Up, Snatch, and Clean) In a Large Group Format, Quickly and Easily.
  • How to Quickly and Easily Fix Poor Exercise Technique “On The Fly” In a Large Group Format and Without Calling Anybody Out
  • How to Write Well (IMPORTANT: Because your income will increase in direct proportion to your ability to communicate clearly).
  • How to Go on Camera and Be Generally Interesting (Even If You’re Not Generally Interesting) and Use Video Marketing to Attract New Clients and Customers
  • Content Creation Strategies: How to Get Fresh Ideas (For Training Sessions, Blogging, Facebook Posts, etc), Everyday, and Without Fail


When and Where:

Our next Killing it With Kettlebells Certification is April 10th, 11th, and 12th (2015) at The Dragon Gym in Exton, PA.
A logistics sheet with directions and recommended accommodations will be provided upon registration.

100% Money-Back Guarantee!

We’re ready to prove everything we claim. Come to our cert, train with us for three days, let us teach you everything we know about running and growing a fitness business. If you don’t feel it’s the best investment you’ve ever made toward growing your business, just let us know and your entire experience is on us–no hard feelings, and we can still be friends.

Register Before January 1st and Save $500:
One Time Payment of $1395

Pat Flynn and Som Sikdar

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